Endodontic Surgery

To locate small fractures or hidden canals
Sometimes a nonsurgical root procedure is not enough to save your tooth. In these cases your dentist may recommend endodontic surgery. Surgery allows your endodontist to examine the root of your tooth, find the problem, and provide treatment.

What is Endodontic Surgery?

Endodontic surgery can be used to locate small fractures or hidden canals previously undetected on X-rays during the initial treatment. Surgery may also be needed to remove calcium deposits in root canals or treat damaged root surfaces/ surrounding bone of the tooth.

Modern technology such as digital imaging and operating microscopes make it so that this surgery can be quick, comfortable and effective. The most common endodontic surgery is called an apicoectomy, or root-end surgery.

The Procedure

The micro surgical procedure begins with the doctor applying a local anesthesia to make sure you are comfortable. Then an incision is made near the tooth to expose the underlying bone and to remove any inflamed or infected tissue. The end of the root is also removed and small filling may be placed to seal the end of the root canal.

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