Oral Sedation

To calm dental anxiety
Has fear ever kept you from visiting the dentist? You are not alone, but there are ways to combat dental anxiety! Oral sedation may be exactly what you need to get through your next dental appointment.

What is it?

Oral sedation is a common medication that is ingested via a pill. It works by turning down the section of your brain that causes fear, which helps regulate anxiety. In some cases one pill is taken the night before the procedure and another pill is taken an hour before the appointment. However, a dentist will direct you on how to properly consume the prescription.

The Procedure

Oral sedation will not put you to sleep during the procedure, but you will be significantly relaxed. Do not worry about being awake, most patients remember little to nothing from the procedure.

The sedative will leave you sleepy, so make sure that you have arranged to have someone drive you home after your appointment. By the next day, the effects of the sedative should have worn off.

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