Frenectomy / Tongue Tie Relieve

To correct a tongue tie and allow the tongue to move freely

Laser Frenectomy to Relieve Tongue Tie

The tongue is pure muscle and like all muscles, it’s can’t function properly when It is constrained. For example, our legs are constructed of powerful muscles. But, stuff them inside a burlap sack for a three-legged race and they become comical at best.

This is what happens when the child is tongue-tied. The frenulum (little flap of skin that holds the tongue in place), is too constrictive and the tongue can’t move freely around in the mouth.

At North Kansas City Dental, we can remove that extra tissue and free the tongue with a laser procedure. Dr.’s Busch and VanYperen use a laser procedure that is painless and takes only a minute or two to complete. Benefits of the laser procedure are minimal bleeding, no sutures and a low risk of infection, because the laser essentially cauterizes and sanitizes the wound.

If an infant has a tongue tie it can be very difficult for them to nurse because they can not latch on properly and maintain good suction. This can lead to issues for both mom and baby. If a tongue tie is not corrected it can also lead to speech issues.

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